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Branded Tea Tree Oil in Delhi India

We AOS Products brand name for tea tree oil that promises to our every customers for 100% pure essential oils, we provide also all tested and certified documents which proved our excellent job at essential oils. Ok Good luck to buy this certified oil from us.

Our main markets have established at:
1.       Middle East
2.       Far East
3.       Africa (South Africa and nearest zone.)
4.       Latin America (South America)
5.       USA (North America) and so on. For more direct come to our on-line website and mail us.

Today, tea tree oil has myriad uses and edges that area unit effectively utilized in improvement the house, will use it as a sprig within the air to kill germs. Also, it's helpful in healing every kind of skin problems and might be taken within to treat diseases.

Tea tree oil is additionally called Melaleuca that is exceptionally well famed in Australia to treat wounds and as a result of its capable sterilized properties. The oil is honored for its bactericide, antifungal, and antiviral properties. The Tea tree oil has clad to be a lot of far-famed within the last number of years, and it's presently ads citations to cleansers, shampoos, salves, and different product utilized by folks.

Best Uses of tea tree oil

1.       Helps in healing every kind of skin infection in a very natural method, and conjointly soothe your sunburns.
2.       Makes you free from allergies like skin sensation and rashes.
3.       When 2 tsp. is ads citations to 1/2nd water, it will be wont to spray on any dirty place to scrub it. It takes away all the germs.
4.       Prevent you from the matter of lice by adding 3-4 drops of oil to your shampoo.
5.       Cures naturally the unhealthy breath coming back from your mouth. All you wish is to feature 3-4 drops in a very glass of water and swish.
6.       Soothe your skin if any insect bites you. Also, treat your skin if you're littered with skin condition, Scabies, or any tines.
7.       By adding 3-4 drops of tea tree oil to a humidifier, you'll get a relief from asthma attack issues.

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AOS Products Pvt Ltd
Delhi NCR based brand manufacturers & Exporters

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Essential oils- Beauty and Personal Care

AOS Products Pvt Ltd is an ISO, GMP and HACCP accredited company that believes in the investing for the unique and world class certifications, technology and processes as well as productions of Pure Essential oils. For our Manufacturing hub it is the solid key terms to producing Excellency, highest quality cost effective products for not only a few day but as well day after day according to national and international requirement of essential oils. And when the productions of any products exceeded than our expectations than at that cases we directly providing our reputed products according to the markets when it show results positively. For example we have done our products listed at several on-line Store website as supplying and exporting purposes. Fore you may try our products at Amazon, Flip kart, Snap deals, PayTm and so on.

 You may directly buy our worldwide famous essential oils by several links:

·         Ebay AOS Products

AOS Products have multiple modern systems for manufacturing and exporting facilities spread across not only in  India (Mumbai, Raipur, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Sikkim, Uttarakhand and so on) but other Gulf and American zone Middle East, Africa, USA (North America), Latin America and For east countries. Our reputed factories have several experts that continually undertake any types of significant that offered by internal or external projects for quantum supply/Imports of products in bulk that may be 10KG, 100KG, 100KG or other in large capacities.

We AOS Products also offer some strong facilities for caring purity and no partiality at the time of quantity measurements by our best machinery, processes and the attractive certifications accepted by the worldwide dealers, Traders or buyers. So you may take surety or you may think it’s our guarantee that well a strong commitment to the essential oils, Carrier oils, Aromatherapy oils, Natural oils or Spice oils environment etc. We AOS Products also have won multiple achievements and awards across famous locations from India. So if you really interest to buy any kind of our products than kindly write us:

Thanks & Regards,
Brand name: AOS Products
Delhi NCR based Indian Manufacturers
Factory address: S-33 GT Road Industrial Area, Ghaziabad (Delhi NCR), District: Uttar Pradesh -201009, India

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Global Business for Certified Essential oils

This post on global business either on B2B or B2C addresses to the India’s leading manufacturer, Supplier and Wholesale exporter, widely known as AOS Products Pvt Ltd.

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Essential oil India

Essential Oils (or other our certified Aromatherapy Oils, Carrier oils, Pine oils and its succeeding derivatives) square measure the extremely focused, volatile, aromatic essences of plants. All the countries of the globe offer essential oils, creating aromatherapy a very world medical aid. New Directions Essential Oils square measure true, undiluted essences extracted directly from a range of flowers, fruits, leaves, barks, roots, herbs and spices. Prime Essential oils makers in Asian nation that gives 100% pure and effective quality natural oils at cheap costs.

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Therefore, the standard of Essential oils ( also known as volatile oil) factory-made is of course the simplest. Organically factory-made essential oils have additionally been found to be simpler. One advantage of shopping for essential oils by the Indian branded and well-known corporations often you listen at top search engine as AOS Products Pvt ltd, really we deals only with purity of plants and produced products, we never compromise the capacity and quality of essential oils as you choose and want to buy with us.
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Best Grade IP, BP, USP Menthol Crystals

Purified Menthol provides the minty taste and odor, main ingredients of Menthol consists in peppermint. We AOS Products are International manufacturer of high quality of menthol as per BP, ISP and USP.

 Menthol crystals created naturally through Mint (formally known as Mentha Arvensis) volatile oil extraction. It’s a waxy, crystalline substance, clear or white in color. Highly tested menthol crystals in Solid form functions at room temperature and melts slightly higher than its predefined temperature, so before buying it in bulk properly check all details. In This matter we also provide COA documents to our special customers. Basic Application and function of crystals of Indian Menthol provide a recent, cool and tingling sensation to lotions, creams, ointments and balms. These applications of pure crystals that are a white or clear crystalline substance are soluble in alcohol and humectants and that they are miscible in oils.

Point of Interest

Menthol contains anesthetic, local anesthetic, analgesic, antispasmodic agent and anti botheration qualities. The employment of application in tub and body product will really interact with the cold sensitive receptors in our skin and supply a cooling sensation. This same sensation may also occur from breathing application similarly as ingesting it.

Appearance and Odor: Colorless, polygon crystals, typically needle-like, consolidated plenty or crystalline powder with a pleasing peppermint like odor.

Known Uses

Menthol crystals have several uses. They’ll be found in several industries like oral hygiene, candies, prescription drugs, care, perfumery, and tobacco. They naturally have a powerful minty odor to them. And, their usage share during a product will vary anyplace from .Solid Menthol is 2% to 100% betting on the tip product that's being developed.

Solubility: nearly soluble in water, vegetable alcohol, and in oil. A pure and certified Menthol crystal is soluble in alcohol and in humectants.

AOS Product’s Menthol Crystals:

We offers only 100% pure menthol in Large, Small and Bold size.  So if you need large amount of purified menthol (Pudina Crystals) than visits to AOS Products and deals for honest business with us. Mail your quotation at: Thanks & Regards

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Worldwide Essential oil Manufacturer in Delhi India

There are several Essential oil Manufacturer in India, but Delhi NCR based manufacturer specially AOS Products promises to our special clients to provide only universal class of Essential oils, Aromatherapy oils, Spice oils and oleoresin and so on.

There are also multipurpose uses of these certified essential oils listed as:
·         Essential oil offers relieves in cold and respiratory problems.
·         Certified essential oil good for eczema, cuts, burns and nausea etc.
·         If you use pure rose oil, it helpful for stress reliever, skin care and also helps with menopause.
·         Sweet orange is a good essential oil that uses as anti-depressant and home cleaner etc.
·         Pure oil of lemon helpful for mouth wash and insect repellent.
·         One of the best essential products known ad tea tree oil work as anti-viral that helpful for treat head lice and sinus infections.

"AOS Products Pvt Ltd are one among the largest Essential oils producers in Ghaziabad UP India, it is the first company from India that frankly introduce the unique products of essential oils. We manufacture our entire natural products, seeds, leaf and plant by the latest machinery, technology at be based of international quality."  So if you are fully planned to buy any types of essential oils in bulk quantity than mail or call us. Kindly write down our certified mail: and 24x7 available no.: 8285111610 Thank and most welcome to read our article.  

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Pure Dill Seed oil manufacturer in India

Dill oil is created from the distillation of the total plant and is believed to be calming once used aromatically. This oil may be blending with Chamomile oil of Roman flowers to reinforce any quiet aromatic expertise. We AOS Products are work as reputed manufacturer of purified dill seed oil at the rate of high quality and global international markets. So if you are bulk buyers or importers of organic dill seed oil from India, you have better option to choose us.

Basically Dill (scientifically known as Anethum graveolens) could be a common pickling herb with a powerful historical pedigree. Its uses initiate to the bible. That lanky, fernlike, yellow patterned plant you see within the manufacture department of your foodstuff was once therefore valuable that it absolutely was unbroken underneath lock and key. And although its value has plummeted over the centuries, its attractiveness hasn't.

Essential Dill oil: superb uses and Health benefits

There is several health benefits at which you can’t believe about of dill oil. We are listing these in brief. However are you able to make the most of all of the nice health have related benefits of pure oil of dill needs to offer? Here are some suggestion:

  1. Dilute and massage onto belly for biological process support.
  2. Diffuse or dilute and rub onto chest to support the system.
  3. Use dill within the room. It pairs fine with food and could be a welcome boost to a vegetable dip.
  4. Diffuse aromatically to market reposeful sleep.
  5. When stressed, open the bottle and inhale or add a number of drops to a necessary oil diffuser.
  6. Diffuse or apply locally to assist with nervousness.
  7. To help curb sugar cravings, dilute and apply locally.
  8. To soothe a baby with pain, diffuse aromatically or dilute heavily and apply to the belly.
  9. Whip two drops into mayonnaise for Associate in nursing awful flavor for egg or tuna fish salad.
  10. To support lactation, dilute and apply to the breasts. 
Associate Products listed on-line: | | | | | | |
| |

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Refined Shea Butter

Refined butter of Shea comes through the African seeds of Shea tree. Basically it uses for moisturizing and healing purpose that means most useful for making cosmetic products. This natural butter is also called as edible that means you can use it for cooking. Basically Shea butter divides in two categories: 1st is known as Refined Shea butter and 2nd name is called as unrefined Shea butter.  

We AOS Products reputed manufacturer of pure Shea butter and we manufacture only refined Shea butter by the process of harmless chemical treatment on unrefined or row material of Shea butter. After refining process completed Shea butter converted in smooth format so it can easily used for making cosmetic products like shampoo, bathing shop, skins cream and perfumery products.

Refined Shea Butter
Refined Shea Butter

Benefits of Refined Shea Butter:

Shea butter work as anti-inflammatory so it helpful for minor cuts and burns healing.
It can easily repair heal dry skin. 
Helpful for skin regenerating
Beneficial for scars, fine lines and wrinkles. 
Purified Shea butter work as micro-circulation that means it stimulates the superficial for skins. 

With this certified information we are sharing some authorized and associate website by their best products name, if you want to follow then and want to buy by their specific link than we can offer some special price. Kindly find it here:

Pure lavender oil at wholesale rate:
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Pure caraway oil manufacturer in India:
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If you want to know amazing health uses of Cinnamon leaf oil than visits for most helpful site:
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Huge Selection of Pure and New Launched Essential oils

Have a nice day.
Brand name in Indian Essential oils
Delhi NCR based Manufacturer and Exporter in India

AOS Products warm welcome all you looking for fresh and natural essential oils at very cheapest rate, our all certified products you will found at best rate because we are a genuine manufacturer, we don't work to buy from other and sell it by some increase rate. So be cheerful and buy pure natural oils with us. We are listing here several verified products, if you are interested than site by site you can log on there. Kindly visits:

Pure Menthol and Mint products:
Peppermint oil at per IP, BP, USP:
Lemongrass oil as per Indian specification:
Tea tree oil at wholesale rate:
Lavender oil:
Juniper berry oil, best uses and amazing medicinal utilizations:
Rosemary oil at high quality:
Dill oil, at best quality and certified rate, if you want to buy it than you would select it:
Lime essential oil, most useful for this winter season, buy it at very great rate, you may never think that at this price you are going to done your deals, please visits:

Thanks & Regards
AOS Products Pvt Ltd
Factory Address: S-33, GT Road South Side Industrial zone, Ghaziabad (Delhi NCR), Uttar Pradesh Pin-201009, India
24x7 available contact No: (91)-8285111610

If you want to write your requirement than you may mail us, kindly here:

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Universal benefits of Lavender oil

Natural Lavender Oil is the most important and valuable oil, if you think about of several types of essential oils. Normally, the body rest on the results of its therapeutic grade lavender is used mostly for skin. Lavender flowers clean the wound, injury and may be useful for itchy skin. Its scent calming, comfortable and has a strong physical balanced Forms.

Be sure to always keep a bottle of lavender oil in your home. Lavender is a beautiful flower in the pain of the body, soothes the nerves of the face and scalp, and plays a very important role in the transition away from. Lavender oil is also very useful in resolving the problem of breathing and blood flow also helps to run smoothly.

Amazing Results of Lavender essential oil

The oil on the body, you cannot cut worms. The oil not only doubled the advantage is that it keeps the bugs but also inflammatory properties, which contain an insect bite you relief from the pain and irritation warrant.

Lavender oil is proven good enough for those who have acne (acne) are victims of. Acne is an unwanted problem which you seem ugly and stained even after they go live. For young people it is quite embarrassing situation. It is a kind of bacterial infection occurs as a red stain and is also quite sad. 

Monday, October 24, 2016

Essential oils: Several cultures for health and Medicine

Verified Articles: Elite Essential oils
Brand name: AOS Products Pvt Ltd
ISO, GMP and HACCP accredited Manufacturer in India
Head office: Ghaziabad (Delhi NCR) UP India,

A perfect Essential oil extracted from nature usually obtained by distillation and having the characteristic odor of the plant or alternative supply from that it's extracted.

Essential oils are used for thousands of years in numerous cultures for meditative and health functions. It is also known as Volatile oil and it uses vary from aromatherapy, ménage cleansing product, personal nail filing and natural drugs treatments.

Essential oil advantages come back from their inhibitor, antimicrobial and anti inflammatory properties. These healing oils area unit quickly growing in quality as a result of they act as natural drugs with none aspect effects. Then let’s state one hundred and one ways that to use these wonderful essential oils.

Essential Oil Helpful for home and health: AOS Products certified statement, you must to read it

Here we AOS Products a very genuine as well as certified manufacturer of several products related to Indian Essential oils want to share with you only a verified information based on health and home remedies, before buying all of we must to think and follow in our daily life these statements, helpful for use if you really buying it and want to use on your skin or home purpose. Follow it: 

  • All-purpose cleaner: Add 3 drops every of flavoring and tea tree oil to many ounces of heat water, then spray countertops to naturally make clean.
  • Natural two-winged insects repellent: mix one drop every of lemongrass oil, citronella oil and volatile oil with one teaspoon of vegetable oil to create natural bug spray and rub on exposed skin. Reapply PRN.
  • Sports gear: If your youngsters play sports, add 2 drops every of tea tree oil and lemon volatile oil to 1 quart of heat water; next add four tablespoons of sodium hydrogen carbonate and blend. 
  • Clean air: Diffuse cinnamon volatile oil within the air and revel in its anti-microbial properties.
  • Homemade peppermint patties: Use flavored, vegetable oil, bittersweet chocolate and raw honey to create real oil of peppermint treats. 

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Dill Seeds oil- Medicinal Uses and Benefits

We AOS Products promise to Natural essential oil world to provide highest quality and “No use solvent” of Dill oil. We are working from 2009 as India's leading manufacturer, Supplier and Exporters of 100% pure Dill oil. Suppose you want to buy it from India and since there are several manufacturer of dill oil but they are not offering any types of guaranteed for purity.

 How to reach us:-

But our company manufactures dill essential oil at the rate of purity and belief. If you are looking or want to shop dill oil from Google or any other search engine than rate us for top promote our website. So than people who are looking certified essential oils, they can easily find out us. 
  • Certified Dill oil BP
  • 100% pure Dill oil USP
  • Wholesale manufacturer of Dill oil from India
  • Top Suppliers of Dill oil
  • Dill oil exporters
  • Dill seed oil Suppliers Delhi NCR
  • Delhi Dill seed oil
  • Ghaziabad Wholesale shop for Dill oil
Dill Essential oil uses:
  • Dill seed oil also known as Suva Dana. there are several uses and amazing health benefits of Dill oil listed as:
  • Helpful in digestions.
  • Helps cure insomnia
  • Also helpful in hiccups and oral care cancer.
  • Dill seed oil is richest source of Vitamins, calciums, fibers and minerals so it promote lactation for nursing mothers.  

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Shop Linseed Oil in India, Unique Rate and High quality

Linseed Essential Oil

Where you can buy: Reputed Manufacturer AOS Products Pvt Ltd

Shop Today at best Rate, Mail us:

Linseed (also known as Alasi Ka Tel or Flaxseed Oil) is herbaceous plant; it grows up to 2-4 feet in height with striped leaves in spiky shaped, sky blue colour fruit and round in shape. Linseed is botanically named as Linum usitatissimum, grown as rotating crop and cultivated throughout the world such as Canada, China, Russia, India, United Kingdom etc. Linseed crop is grown for its herbal oil and fibers.

Amazing Health Uses:

  • Linseed oil is rich in α-linoleic acid; it is beneficial for heart problems as it reduce the risk of heart diseases.
  • It is used to prevent high blood pressure by inhibiting inflammatory reaction.
  • It is used to revitalize skin.
  • It is used to nourish dry or brittle nails, stopping them from splitting or cracking.
  • It provides protection against colon, breast, prostate and skin cancer.
  • It is effective against ageing.
  • It is used for the treatment Psoriasis and eczema and also helps in healing of itchy patches of these diseases.
Safety and Precaution:

  1. Linseed oil contain chemical which percolate through skin and act as toxin.
  2. Linseed oil is not safe for pregnant, breast feeding and bleeding disorder persons.
  3. Keep away from hot temperatures as it is flammable in certain issue.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Most Popular Essential oil from India, Ready for Exports

Our Company AOS Products Pvt Ltd is producing high quality and certified standard of Essential oils. We are no. 1 manufacturer for Saw palmetto oil, betel leaf oil, Cajuput oil, Jatamansi oils, lemon oil, certified cedar wood Oil, eucalyptus Oil in IP, BP and USP and juniper berry Oil. As per our special customer requirement, we provide all types of packaging (HDPE/GI Drum).

Why our products is most popular:
We AOS Products provide wide range of only certified and favorite essential oils that called or demanded by most of business to business deals, listed products above. Our produced essential oils are most popular, because we provides:
  • 8+ years of experience as certified manufacturer, supplier and exporters of pure essential oils.
  • Since we offer wide array of pure essential oil, naturally taken by Indian seeds, plants and leaves.
  • If you are choosing reliable exporters from India than you can believe in us.

Effective sourcing of Essential oils:
  • These most popular essential oil uses for baby care products.
  • Health, Wellness and pharmaceutical sectors.
  • These popular essential oils have supplied to Physiotherapy and aroma.

Selected Essential oil Details:
Products details: Available in Stock
Send us your genuine request via call: 918285111610 or mail:

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Borage Oil buys online from India

There are thousand plus of Manufacturer, Suppliers and Exporters available for natural essential oils from Indian Markets. In this genuine post you will find out the best and best manufacturer for borage oil, if you are looking online by following terms as: borage oil manufacturers, Indian Manufacturer of Borage oil, borage oil suppliers, How to buy Borage oil in bulk and best rate, borage oil exporters and manufacturing companies from India’s selected location as: Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Jaipur, Kanpur, Gujarat and so on.

Amazing Health Benefits of Pure Borage Oil:
Since borage oil is highly concentrated of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acid therefore this carrier oil has several amazing health benefits listed below:
  • Borage oil is good for Acne, skin care, rosaceous, Eczema and also helps to prevent dry skin.
  • This natural oil prevents damaged, aging and sunburn skins.
  • This natural oil relieves inflammation and pain.
  • Most advantage of this carrier oil is that it supports mobility of join and tissues.
  • Dilute maximum of 15% of blend.
  • Never recommended in pregnancy.

Thanks for reading my latest and genuine post.

AOS products Pvt Ltd
S 33, GT Road Industrial Area, South Side, Ghaziabad (Delhi NCR), Uttar Pradesh India, Pin-201009,
Available 24x7 Phone No: +91- 8285111610
Landline no. 91 1204106666
Drop your queries in Email:

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White 200X Spray Dried: Clear Aloe Extract

We AOS Products certified Indian Manufacturer of Cosmetic grade Clear Aloe Extract, we offer wide range of Natural Aloe Vera products, listed as:

·         Natural Aloe Butter
·         Aloe Vera Leaf powder
·         White 200X Clear Aloe Vera Extract
·         White Aloe Vera Gel
·         Scented yellow, pink and blue Aloe Vera Gel and so on.

You can use to Aloe Vera for externally and internally. Aloe Vera is one of the best herbal products which are freely uses for skin diseases and also making therapy facial products. Internally Aloe products can take for treating in duodenal ulcer and gastrointestinal problems. And externally these natural products can take as the bums, softening, wound, and regeneration and in moisturizing.

In tropical climates, Aloe Vera grows around the world. This is also found in many consumer’s related products and uses for both purpose in medicinal and cosmetic products. For more details of Aloe Vera products as Clear Aloe Extract visits AOS Products’ official Website, you can reach us by visits:

If you really interest to buy this natural products in bulk than call or email us. Our contact details given on official website. thanks

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Pure Essential Oils for Beauty Products

In regular life often people use pure essential oils. There is several numbers of brand names for Pure Essential oils available in the open markets, but due to use of harmful chemical products and heavy pollution these Essential oils or carrier oils mixed with beauty products as results you may face the problem of Skin and damage of Hair. So before purchasing of Pure Natural oils from Open Indian markets or on-line Store site(Flip kart, Amazon, Snap deals and E-Bay and so on) you must to proper check that essential oil manufacturing companies are trust-able and certified or not.

 On the other hand AOS Products Pvt Ltd is International leading company that target to produces and provide 100% natural Essential oils, Aromatherapy oils and Carrier oils. We are Indian Reputed Company certified by International standard Organization (as you know ISO), GMP and HACCP.

Why AOS Products Pure

Why AOS Products Pvt Ltd is unique for providing pure natural oils, we are Indian based brand name of pure essential oil and these natural seeds, leaf, flowers or plant taken by the source of natural botanic.
·         We always care to customer satisfaction.
·         We work with highly experienced and trained team.
·         We provide 100% quality assurance for organic essential oils.
·         We also care highest quality control during manufacturing process and testing of Essential oils.
·         We offer Best price of natural oil and products in the comparing of other providers in India.
·         Fast Delivery services without delay.

For more details of natural essential oils products visits AOS Products’ official website or come to our Factory, contact details and address given on link:

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Global Pharmaceutical Sectors: uses of Menthol Crystals

AOS Products Indian natural Essential Oils, Carrier Oil, Natural Butters, Aromatherapy Oil Manufacturers, visits for big deals with us.

AOS Products Pvt Ltd is a genuine Natural Oils Company that manufacture 100% Pure and certified Menthol and Mint Oil, Natural Butters, Aloe Vera Products, Essential Oils, Aromatherapy Oils, Carrier oils and so on for more you can see live our all essential products on AOS Products official website. In this we are sharing our unique natural products known as Menthol Crystals, we deals our menthol Crystal almost all required size as large Menthol Crystal | Menthol Bold Crystal and Menthol Small Crystal by their best specification as IP, USP and BP.

Bold Menthol Crystal may is derived by the natural compound commonly occurring in mint plants. It is often synthetically created. It wide employed in variety of merchandise and options numerous healing benefits. It’s conjointly used for the activation of the skins cold receptors. Purified form of Menthol may be a chilling impact once consumed or used for the skin. It doesn't truly modify the temperature of the skin, however simply generates the sensation of action.

Menthol in Medicinal Sectors

Menthol is standard for its uses within the prescription drugs business for its meditative and cooling results. It is often employed in beauty merchandise containing peppermint to extend its chilling and freshening effects. It’s conjointly normally employed in the confectionery and flavor sectors.

Beneficial in Health Care

For minor throat issues, Pure Menthol crystals are often employed in things like such medications where often happen coughing problems and throat lozenges. The addition of this element can cause a calming and chilling feeling within the infected space. Crystal of Natural Menthol is often wont to relieve the sensation sick, particularly once the nausea is owing to motion ill health. This can be as a result of peppermint (which is employed in creating 100% Natural crystals of Menthol, may be there any size) may be a natural carminative natural herb, significance it will settle the alimentary tract.

Common uses of Menthol Crystals

Because Crystals of Pure menthol have opposing infliction options, it's wonderful for stop itch verified menthols and merchandise. Once it involves chest space blockage and better respiratory issues; pure menthol will work as a medicine. The uses during this classification for pure menthol crystals include: rubs, balms, or salves. Inhaling the minty fragrance of those gems will facilitate to alleviate the obstructions. For an impressive hot temperature reducer, certified Menthol Crystals are often created into parcels to be wont to the go or legs. These parcels may be created into merchandise or chilling ointments.

For more Contact Us:
AOS Products Pvt Ltd
Factory Address: S 33, South Side GT Road Industrial Area, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh -201009, India
Mobile Phone: +91- 8285111610
Landline Number +91- 1204106666
Menthol Crystal On-line website:

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Indian Menthol Crystal- Why you Choose Us

Products name: Menthol and mint Oil
ISO, GMP, HACCP Certified Manufacturers in India: AOS Products Pvt Ltd

We AOS Products are leading Menthol and Mint products manufacturers & Exporters from India, we deals with pure and 99.95% L-Menthol. We offer pure menthol crystal in small, large and bold size. We also produces other most important natural products as Pure Peppermint Oil | natural Eucalyptus oil | Organic Terpin hydrate | High quality Spearmint Oil | Ginger Oil | Pure Tea Tree Oil and so on.

Why you choose us:

·         We always care to customer satisfaction.
·         We provide 100% quality assurance for Menthol and Mint Oil and also other natural oil products.
·         Fast Delivery services without delay.
·         We offer Best price of Menthol Crystal and Mint oil products in the comparing of other providers in India.
·         We work with highly experienced and trained team.

Best uses of Pure Menthol Crystals:

·         Natural Crystal of menthol provides minty odor and test.
·         This is also useful to making cooling sensation to your skin.
·         Bold Menthol Crystal is also used for resolving congestion problems.
·         If you are facing problem of Sinus than you can use it.
·         If you are using premium Menthol Crystal of AOS Products for preventing bacteria than it will be very helpful than means it work as Anti-Bacterial.

There are other several benefits of Pure menthol and Mint Oil, for more details of Indian Menthol Crystals as Wholesale Rate of Menthol Bold Crystal | Pure small Size Menthol Crystals | how to make Pure menthol Crystal in India | How much Menthol Crystals useful for health and so on, ask with AOS Products, visits us: 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Best Carrier Oil: Arachis Oil India

Arachis Oil could be a business crop within the most selective countries as India, Africa and China; however its edges span the world for those who use it to boost their skin, hair and health. Genus Arachis Oil is often eaten up and it’s naturally sweet. Throughout process, oil is extracted from the kernels. Neutral tasting of Arachis oil in their color is yellow. This oil is high on energy and includes a high smoking purpose. Its properties of Vitamins A, D and E, and mono-unsaturated fats, build it nature’s ideal product for maintaining smart skin, hair and internal health.

Best uses and Benefits of Pure Arachis oil

  • If skin condition plagues you, organic Arachis Oil might solve the matter. Combine 3 drops of juice into many drops of genus Arachis Oil to calm skin condition. It’s a natural thinker for dry skin and wards off blackheads.
  • If you’re stricken by joint aches, genus Arachis Oil will alleviate pain. You’ll energize your mind and body with a genus Arachis Oil massage. Once used daily, it provides wonderful relief. The fat-soluble vitamin in genus Arachis Oil promotes higher health and protects skin. You’ll notice that genus Arachis Oil’s nutty smell is ideal for aromatherapy and an awfully rising massage expertise.
  • This Natural Arachis Oil minimizes scalp flaking and cuts down on super molecule loss. It produces a hair-thickening result, and split ends enjoy its wet. Genus Arachis Oil regenerates hair that has been broken.
  • Did you recognize genus Arachis Oil will aid Associate in nursing upset stomach? It helps forestall several painful and distressful things, as well as looseness of the bowels, constipation and customary biological process issues.

Finally we want to share with you my motto, actually we are big manufacturer certified by ISO, GMP, HACCP and we also try to take other International certification for Exporting our natural essential Oils, Carrier oils, Spice Oil, Pine oil and its newest derivatives products. For more about of best rate, free advice, Delivery services write us or call us. All Details offered by Indian Manufacturer AOS Products on the main carrier Arachis Oil visits:

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Boost your Health by Saw Palmetto Oil

Buy online Saw Palmetto Oil in small quantity to bulk quantity by AOS Products Indian Natural Essential Oil manufacturer; we are leading company of natural essential oils, Carrier oils, Aromatherapy oils, Menthol and Mint Oil, natural butters, Pine oil and its derivatives. We are also a certified manufacturer from ISO, GMP and HACCP etc.

In this passage we share best uses and potential benefits of Saw Palmetto Oil. Since us AOS Products also work as trust-able consultant so often several clients’ calls or email us to ask medicinal benefits, uses and other manufacturing procedures for our natural essential oils. So if you want to purchase small or large quantity of Saw Palmetto oil or other essential oils than you can call: 91- 8285111610   or write us:

Uses of Saw Palmetto Essential Oil

·         This oil uses for boosting immune system.
·         Saw Palmetto oil also aids in increasing muscle mass.
·         Its uses for stimulates hair growth and provide relief from baldness.
·         This oil also helpful to reduce the risk of cancer for prostate.
·         It helps to strengthen kidney.

Potential Benefits for Saw Palmetto Oil

·         AOS Products, India’s top Manufacturer & Exporter of Saw Palmetto Essential Oil want to share with you some potential benefits for Saw Palmetto Oil.
·         Saw Palmetto oil help support normal urinary flow.
·         Saw Palmetto Extract and some drop of Carrier oil as Pumpkin oil help support normal prostate health.
·         Saw Palmetto Oil is widely consumed by men over the age of 40.

If you are genuine buyer or Exporters for  Saw Palmetto Oil, than Visit official Website of AOS Products Pvt Ltd India, we offer all Natural oils in wholesale rate, best quality, fasted delivery services and we also provide all proper documents like COA, Manufacturing process and so on, for more visits: Visits official Website:

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Dementholized Mint Oil in India

AOS Products is a leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Dementholized mint oil; we are a well known Natural Oil company that deals always with Pure Peppermint Oil IP/BP, Spearmint Oil IP, BP/USP, Mentha Oil, Methyl Chavicol, and Mentha Citrata Oil and so on.

Dementholized Mint Oil also called as Corn Mint Oil. Dementholized Mint oil is obtained by the process of Manufacturing Pure Menthol Crystals. There are several benefits of Dementholized Mint Oil. Add a drop to a glass of water or tea to aid digestion and increase energy. Rub a drop of Peppermint Oil under the nose for increased Mental Clarity and alertness.

Dementholized Mint Oil is successfully processed by centrifuging and deep freezing procedure to find out healthier and natural Mint oil by Mentha Arvensis Oil. The primary components of Dementholized Mint oil 30 to 56 % of L-Menthol, NeoMenthol, and L-Menthone etc.

Beauty Benefits of Dementholized Mint Oil

For Hair:
  • Treat Dandruff
  • Stimulates hair growth.
  • Decreases freeze hair

For Skin Treatment
  • Resolve Ringworm.
  • Remove white head and black head.
  • Soothes chapped lips
  • Prevent acne and unclogs pores.

For more about of the purity of Dementholized Mint Oil, Best Manufacturers, Certified Exporters from India visits our AOS Products Pvt Ltd Official Website.

Also visits our associate website by their best products name. 
Moringa Oil in Wholesale Rate:
Largest Menthol Crystal Suppliers in India:

Friday, June 10, 2016

Buy on-line Pure Anise Oil from New Delhi India

Natural Anise Oil

We AOS Products are proficient manufacturer and Exporter of Anise Essential Oil from Ghaziabad (New Delhi) Uttar Pradesh, India. We offer 100% pure Anise Oil in bulk and good price.

Anise is herbaceous annual plant- Pimpinella anisem, anise is also called aniseed. Anise oil is extracted from anise dried fruits through steam distillation. Anise oil is sweet fresh and very aromatic distinguished by its characteristics flavor.  AOS Products Private Limited is a leading Exporters, supplier and Manufacturer for Anise oil as per pharmacopoeia [IP, BP and USP].

Natural Anise Oil

Benefits of Anise Oil:
  • It is used to add flavor in tea preparation.
  • It is used in confectioneries and in beverages as ingredients..
  • It is used in treatment of various diseases such as bronchitis, colds, coughs, muscle aches and rheumatism.
  • Anise oil has carminative property, helps in treatment of digestive issues.
  • It helps in menstruation cramps and white flux (leucorrhoea) in women.
  • It is diuretic.
  • It stimulates nervous system.
If you are a regular buyer or Importers of Anise Oil in bulk quantity and searching certified manufacturers in India than AOS Products will be better option for you. So please come on AOS Products official website and log on for Anise Oil:

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Amazing Benefits of Fenugreek Oil india

Welcome to AOS Products

Buy on-line 100% pure Fenugreek Oil from AOS Products Pvt Ltd. We offer only fresh, natural and healthy fenugreek essential oil because we are reputed Essential oil Manufacturing Company in India.

We provide all information and document related to the purity of our produced natural oils for example:
·         COA (Certificate of Analysis)
·         Gas Chromatography (GC) profile.
·         ISO, GMP certificate and Manufacturing license.
·         MSDS (Material Safety data Sheets).
·         No solvent used certificate.
·         Process of Manufacturing.
·         Equipment uses in manufacturing.

Uses and Benefits

It protects the nervous system, exerts relaxing influence on nervous system.
Fenugreek oil well known for enhancing feminine beauty as helps to enlarge breast.
It aids in sexual stimulation.
It contains choline, aids thinking process.
It is used to balance hormonal levels aids in treating PMS and menupause.
It stimulates beta cells of pancreas.
It increases the milk production in lactating mothers.
As aromatherapy matter Indian Fenugreek Oil use to reduce high blood pressure. This oil also encourages sweetening and helpful to treat in heavy fever.
It is used for kidney ailment as it helps in restoring normal health kidney and exerts protective influence on kidney and pancreas.
It is also used for treatment of various problems such as swollen glands, Fevers, wounds, skin irritations, sore throats, ulcers and muscle aches etc.

So if you want to buy or imports pure Fenugreek oil in bulk and wholesale rate than, visits AOS Products Fenugreek Oil Manufacturers & Exporters. 
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