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Terpin Hydrate : In India where you may shop

Pure and 100% natural Terpin Hydrate derived from the Eucalyptus oil, Thyme oil, Oregano oil or Turpentine oil. We AOS Products offer finest quality and good price of Terpin Hydrate.
Terpin Hydrate
Terpin Hydrate
Amazing uses of Terpin Hydrate:
Terpin hydrate is a pine oil and derivative product of AOS products. We offer it a certified brand name in India. It is an expectorant so you may use it for loosen mucus. Pure Terpin Hydrate is also known as an important industrial product of Pharma. Kindly follow here the multiple uses:
  • It uses in the treatment of chronic bronchitis and acute.
  • Also helpful for pneumonia and bronchiectasis
  • If you are suffering by the disease of chronic obstructive pulmonary, absolutely you may use it.

Where you may shop Terpin hydrate?
  • We offer Terpin hydrate as per IP, USP and BP grade.
  • Terpin hydrate formulation is properly numerated in AOS products lab.
  • Visits here and shop only Terpin hydrate manufacturer in India.
  • Terpin hydrate helpful for acute.
  • Terpin hydrate have banned in some countries, buy we produces it in bulk quantity like 25 kg, 100 kg, 1000 kg. So you may shop it factory price.
  • Terpin hydrate is high concentrated products, we care during manufacturing it.
  • You may look AOS products as Terpin hydrate Exporter in Africa, USA, Middle east, Far east and so on zone.
  • Terpin hydrate has some side effects, kindly visits AOS and learn with us.
  • Terpin hydrate quality, quantity and delivery services to the clients is measured by ISO, GMP and HACCP.
  • So before buying Pine oil or any types of derivatives products visit AOS Products and brand. 

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Where to buy Calendula Oil in India, USA or Middle East

Calendula Oil is an important carrier oil of AOS Products. We are a brand producer for numerous carrier oils, natural butters, Pine oils or Derivatives and most of Essential oils in India. Before manufacturing of any types of essential or carrier oils we fully test as GC Test in our high tech laboratory. We are ISO, GMP and HACCP verified factory in Delhi NCR India.
Calendula Oil
Calendula Oil

At AOS Products, we and our team believe and feel better in the matter of production and selling as per National or International standard. Since we follow all the policies that can say we consist as a world leader in Aromatherapy oils, Carrier oils, Essential oils etc. AOS Products provides maximum passion to provide better health for your regular life. AOS Products promise for fully customer’s satisfaction. Since 2009, the AOS Products and family always commend to provide high quality products and unique price than other dealers/providers/manufacturers or Suppliers in worldwide zone. Today its very easy to find out about of brand AOS Products at Thanks.

Amazing uses of Calendula Oil:
Calendula oil is AOS Favorite Carrier oil, it has numerous uses for cosmetic producing products and health purpose matters. Find here some amazing benefits:

·         Calendula oil has good properties of Anti-septic
·         It has also the properties of anti-fungal
·         One of the excellent properties like anti-inflammatory that for inflamed or itchy skin conditions.
·         Moisturizing purpose, it is helpful.

One important uses suggested by AOS:
·         Add some drop of calendula carrier oil with small drop of organic olive oil that awesome helpful for aching muscles that means it work as massage oil also.
·         Melt 2 t o3 spoons of coconut oil and add some drop of calendula OIL,  it really helpful for insect bites and irritation of your skin etc.

AOS Products & Factory: 
Would you like to know which countries has the most manufacturing hub in the natural oils, may be India, USA, China and other numerous countryside of Middle or Far East, Ok  if you are looking in the sense of good quality and affordable price than you have only one manufacturing zone that is India. We almost deals all business part of India like Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Bangalore, jaipur, Kolkata etc. For any latest informations, price, delivery services, supply and export kindly write us. Find all the contact details of Essential oils visits:

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Benefits of jojoba oil for face and Body Massage

Wonderful Uses:
  • It is helpful as face wash and makeup removel
  • We AOS Products offer jojoba oil 100% Chemical free so you may use it without hesitation for your skin and hair
  • Jojoba oil also help to balance PH levels etc. 

Since Pure Oil Jojoba is such types of carrier oil that reached in Anti-bacterial properties so if you are using for your face or body it acts as anti-bacterial agents to control aging and acne. This carrier oil also suitable for all types of massage oil for more you may take a free consult to our AOS Experts, please mail us: thanks. 

AOS Products offers only selected and most nominated carrier oils like that Jojoba golden oil, Jojoba carrier oil or Jojoba clear oil on good price in India.

where you may shop?
If you have done your plan to buy jojoba oil, avocado oil, linseed oil from India than please write us:

 From AOS Products you may buy pure jojoba oil on-line. There is non issue that you are buyers/Importers from India, Australia, Middle East, Far east like that China, Japan or Africa etc. We always welcome and care the manufacturing quality of our reputed carrier oils. We provides wholesale rate of jojoba oil in Indian market. We manufacture and publish jojoba golden or clear oil by AOS Brand. AOS is ISO, GMP or HACCP brand in India. Visits official website of AOS and rate and review us.

You may deals us as best organic jojoba oil brand in India or worldwide. Our magical products like jojoba oil price will be very best rate than other provider in Indian market. Jojoba oil also called as Massage oil so it is needy products of carrier oil so if you want to shop it as per domestic requirements for hair oil or skin care you may visits us.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Why People Love Lavender Oil and Other AOS Brand Products

AOS Lavender oil:

Office or Home based Uses
·         Keep a bottle of Lavender reachable to appease occasional skin irritations.
·         Freshen your linen closet, mattress, car, or the air by combining Lavender with water in an exceedingly spray bottle.
·         Take internally to scale back anxious feelings.
·         Use in cookery to melt citrus flavors and add a rapid twist to marinades, food, and desserts.
·         There are several reasons that you may love with AOS lavender oil: Massage a few drop in to your lower abdomen to relives pain.
·         Its superb properties of Anti-bacterial, you may uses 3 to 4 drop for infected zone of skin.

Verified Description (AOS)

Natural oil of Lavender has been used and cherished for hundreds of years for its clear aroma and myriad edges. In earlier period, the Egyptians and Romans used only pure oil of Lavender for bathing, relaxation, cooking, and as a fragrance. Its calming and restful qualities, once taken internally, still are Lavender’s most notable attributes. Applied locally, Lavender is usually wont to cut back the looks of skin imperfections. Augment water to soak away stress or apply to the temples and also the back of the neck. You may add small drop of Lavender essential oil with your bedroom pillows to change bad smell. Use small drop on bottoms of feet to relax and brace oneself for a quiet night’s sleep.

AOS Products also offers several ISO, GMP and HACCP certified Essential oils, Natural butters, carrier oils, Aroma's related natural oils, spice or pine oil etc, if you are really interested to shop with us, you may visits us. For more on its direct link for Information, Contact us links please visits here:

  1. It is Possible that this essential oil is skin sensitivity. So keep of reach of kids.
  2. If you are pregnant, nursing or underneath a doctor’s care than before use it consults your medicinal experts.
  3. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.

Directions to be used (How to use it)

Diffusion: Use 3 to four drops within the diffuser of your alternative.
Internal use: Dilute one call four Sunshine State. oz. of liquid.
Topical use: Apply one to 2 drops to desired space. Dilute with AOS Products fresh and 100% natural oil with other fragrance oil to reduce any skin sensitivity. And see its great advantage for your personal uses, official purpose or any internal or external disease to your body.

Why AOS Products is unique Manufacturer in India?
Present time we are providing almost every zone of the world like Middle east, far east, Africa, America, UAE. As per daily requirements and quires, we have started to produced our products in very large scale. We care also our producing quality with international standard lab, for more our products and worldwide Website: thanks to rate Us!!!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Safety guide to Shop and Use Essential oils

Welcome to one of the best and brand producers & exporters of natural essential oils, Carrier oils, Aromatherapy oils, Pine oils and derivatives, wide array of Natural butters, aloe Vera products etc, all these natural material available to only one location: AOS Products Pvt ltd. You must to know that basic essential oils derived from the natural seeds, leaves and other method of natures, in this sense we do best and best in the comparing of technology, producing or manufacturing method, marketing strategies, price and couriers services in India and other countries listed for worldwide locations. Per day we deal in top location of world countries like that Middle East, Far East, Africa, Asia, USA and Latin America etc. Since we have started our works as unique brand name in Essential oils market in Delhi India.

Manufacturing Factory Website:
 Do you use essential oils travel to train, air-jet, bath or any urgent works? Ok There is several edges of exploitation essential oils for medicinal, journey or bathing. Whether you are going for any types of Journey with essential oils will relax the mind and body, promote circulation, sleek skin, ease muscle aches, diminish catamenial cramps, and relieve metastasis ailments.

You will be able to fancy aromatherapy edges from eupnoea the aroma furthermore as having the oils create contact along with your skin whereas soaking within the water. Aromatherapy products or any natural essential oils could be powerful that protects your life from stress and create life a lot of pleasurable. Once you are relaxed and fewer stressed your body is a lot of in balance.

Adding essential oils to a shower could be easy thanks to enhance your bathing expertise however it should be done right. You cannot simply drop any oil into the bathtub and expect positive results.

Just adding essential oils to the bathtub aren't sometimes terribly effective as a result of they're going to float to the highest of the water and continue the bathtub or target your skin. Not solely would that be wasteful however this will cause irritation to your skin.

There are some essential oils that ought to not be used throughout bathing as results of these oils are skin irritants. It’s best to avoid these throughout bathing. They embody cinnamon, cassia, clove, oregano and thyme.

It is conjointly a requirement to use solely top quality, 100 percent pure essential oils thus you'll make certain to receive the advantages you're longing for which they're safe to use locally on your skin.

Where you may shop?
We AOS Products have almost 9 years of Industrial experience in the sectors of Manufacturing of essential oils, so we have dedicated our self as reputed brands in India. From our factory we send our essential oils in various countries like that USA, UAE, Europe etc. to provide a good market structure, time to time we provides a global environments in this sectors. Ok if you think about of a well established manufacturers & exporters, you may write us: thanks

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Most demanded Spice oil and Oleoresin

AOS Capsicum Oleoresin:
Welcome to India's leading manufacturer of wide range of Spice oil & oleo-resins products. We are looking here not only Indian buyers but International Importers who can deals about of these products. If you have any requirements, you may write to brand name: AOS Products. 
Capsicum Oleoresin is derived from chili peppers, Capsicum Annum Linn, belongs to Solanceae family, it contain red coloring matter called Capsanthin, a powerful irritant. Capsicum is perennial shrub and its fruit berries may be green, yellow or red in color. Its native region is America and well grown in sunny positions with warm, loamy soil.

Capsicum oleoresin is extracted from crushed capsicum with volatile solvent by percolation method or by solvent extraction method.

  • It is used to add flavor in food preparation.
  • It is powerful irritant and carminative as well..
  • It is used to treat aches that involve poorly functioning stomach muscles.
  • It is used as ingredient of hot sauces.
  • It is added to medicated creams, lotions and sprays for treatment of muscle or joint pain.
  • It is used in pepper spray which helpful in self defense purposes.
  • Capsicum oleoresin used to treat nerve pain as it causes sensation of heat that activates certain nerve cells.

Capsicum oleoresin have characteristic pungent in smell, dark red in color and slight bitter in taste. Capsicum oleoresin is concentrated liquid.

Safety and Precaution-
First consult to health advisor before use, it can cause skin redness and trouble in breathing & swallowing. Avoid use of capsicum oleoresin while pregnant or breast feeding.

Thanks to Rate and Reviews us:
AOS Products Pvt Ltd
Widest range of essential oils, carrier oils. Spice oil and oleoresins, natural butters, aloe vera products refined and in highest quality available on:

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Aloe Vera : wonderful uses in Medicinal Industries

Aloe Vera

Natural Aloe Vera really works awesome for skin and hair fall relief etc. Take some part of aloe Vera gel, freeze it into ice cubes, use it on your sunburn, you will see instant relief. Basically Aloe Vera produces for the purpose of medicinal and agricultural manufacturing products. Natural class of Aloe Vera plant grows in tropical climates around the world. So your welcomes to India’s largest manufacturers vs. Exporters of Aloe Vera products like that pure white gel, Natural aloe butter, Clear extract of Aloe Vera etc: AOS Products Pvt Ltd. For any order confirmations or you have need any information of purity of Aloe Vera in India than you may ask with us. Mail us: thanks

Certified benefits of Aloe Vera:
There are several mind blowing uses of Aloe Vera. Since Pure extract of Aloe Vera contains glucosides and it is the combination of fragrant and resins so you may uses pure gel of aloe Vera to resolve the following problems:
·         Stabilizes sugar in blood
·         Soothes arthritic pain
·         Eases systemic inflammation
·         Heals digestives disorders
·         Improve skin conditions
·         Helps to reduces acid reflux from body
·         Controls high and low blood pressure that means it works as BP controllers.

How to use Aloe Vera in sunburn?
You may use pure gel of aloe Vera to treats skin from sunburn or fire, we share here some important steps by which you may learn how to treats:
·         Take 2 to 3 drops of pure aloe gel.
·         Append some drop of lemon to this aloe Vera gel.
·         Colloid this solution properly.
·         Massage this solution on the sunburn skin and feel instant relief from that problem.

About AOS Products:

This manufacturing factory have professionally established in Ghaziabad (Delhi NCR) nearest of UP India. Present time we have certified by several worldwide certification, you may visits our official website to see live it, listed as ISO 9001- 2015, GMP or HACCP, so you may shop with trust with us.  
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