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Most demanded Spice oil and Oleoresin

AOS Capsicum Oleoresin:
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Capsicum Oleoresin is derived from chili peppers, Capsicum Annum Linn, belongs to Solanceae family, it contain red coloring matter called Capsanthin, a powerful irritant. Capsicum is perennial shrub and its fruit berries may be green, yellow or red in color. Its native region is America and well grown in sunny positions with warm, loamy soil.

Capsicum oleoresin is extracted from crushed capsicum with volatile solvent by percolation method or by solvent extraction method.

  • It is used to add flavor in food preparation.
  • It is powerful irritant and carminative as well..
  • It is used to treat aches that involve poorly functioning stomach muscles.
  • It is used as ingredient of hot sauces.
  • It is added to medicated creams, lotions and sprays for treatment of muscle or joint pain.
  • It is used in pepper spray which helpful in self defense purposes.
  • Capsicum oleoresin used to treat nerve pain as it causes sensation of heat that activates certain nerve cells.

Capsicum oleoresin have characteristic pungent in smell, dark red in color and slight bitter in taste. Capsicum oleoresin is concentrated liquid.

Safety and Precaution-
First consult to health advisor before use, it can cause skin redness and trouble in breathing & swallowing. Avoid use of capsicum oleoresin while pregnant or breast feeding.

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