Friday, March 18, 2016

What are different Terms in Menthol IP, BP, USP and JP

Basically Menthol as IP, BP, USP and JP term coded as in-process specification of Menthol Crystal, Mint or Spearmint Oil in India this is also microbiological test of water over Menthol. We AOS Products know very well about of Menthol Structure as International Menthol Community like...

·         Menthol IP Means: Indian Pharmacopeia
·         Menthol BP Means: British pharmacopeia
·         Menthol USP means: United State Pharmacopeia
·         Menthol JP means: Japanese Pharmacopeia
And one other menthol EP that is European Pharmacopeia

You can deals menthol Crystal by AOS Products India as better than other manufacturer in the following certified terms:

·         Ordinary Large MentholCrystals
·         Menthol Small Crystals
·         Terpeneless Menthol Large Crystals
·         Menthol Terpeneless Small Crystals
·         Menthol JP, IP, Menthol BP, Menthol USP
·         Menthol Extra Pure (LM- 99.9%, TM -100%)
·         Molten Menthol 99%
·         Menthol Flakes 96%

We AOS Products is 100% natural Essential Oils, Mint, Menthol, Dementholized Mint Oils at very largest contents, our manufacturing research team always follow the best guidelines of Essential Oils, Pine, Spice and Oleoresins Oils not only in India but other gulf countries. Our produces products Essential Oils List given as:

·         Natural Menthol Crystal in terms of IP, BP, USP and JP.
·         Peppermint Oils
·         Spearmint Oil
·         Eucalyptus Oils in India
·         Ginger Oil
·         Tea Tree Oils manufacturer in India
·         Rosemary Essential Oils in India
·         Linseed Essential Oils in India
·         Almond Carrier oil in India
·         Dill Oils by AOS Products
·         Caraway oil
·         Anise Oil
·         Saw Palmetto Oil manufacturer in India
·         Borage Oil in India
·         Soybean Oil manufacturer in India
·         Moringa Essential Oil Manufacturer in India

We are the top manufacturer, Supplier and Exporters in India located in Delhi NCR zone. Finally we share with you our official Essential Oil Company in Delhi NCR by brand name AOS Products, if you are taking interest or want to any deals than follow us.

 Menthol Crystal
Menthol Crystal

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