Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Large menthol Crystal at Very best Prices in India

#No.1 Menthol Manufacturer and Exporters from India, AOS Products share extraction and biological structure of menthol Crystal. Basically Menthol is an organic compound made synthetically or obtained from corn mint, Peppermint or Mint Oil. We AOS Products Indian Organic Essential Oils Manufacturer offer high quality of Large Menthol at very best prices.

We share with you manufacturing process and Biological properties of #Menthol with you, for more Visit us on: AOS Products pvt Ltd Delhi NCR zone Ghaziabad UP. We provide potential job during delivery and payment details as your pharmaceutical company follow. 
There are the several uses of Menthol Crystal in your daily life, for example

  • Owing to its analgesic properties, it is used to relieve minor aches & pains
  • It is used in decongestants
  • It is used in products to treat sunburns, relieves razor burn.
  • It is used in oral hygiene products.
  • It is used in perfumery.It is used in hair conditioners
  • It is used as an antispasmodic & smooth muscle.
  • It could be used for short term relief of minor sore throat & irritation.

Safety & precautions of Menthol:
Do not ingest pure menthol directly, it could be poisonous.

Large and Small Menthol Crystal: We AOS Products sell Essential, Aromatherapy at very high quality and very cheapest plus best prices, available Indian Menthol Crystal as Small in Size and big or large at their own size. Also our manufacturing menthol as IP, BP, USP format and certified by ISO, GMP certification. 

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