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Welcome to AOS Products, today best Essential Oil Manufacturers in India, AOS Products offer natural Essential Oils, Aromatherapy, Spice, Carrier and Oleoresins oils at very bulk and good rate in India and entire Gulf Countries like AOS Essential Oils in United State, Nigeria, Taiwan, UK, Indonesia, Italy, Aromatherapy oils in Thailand, Malaysia, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Spice Oil in Ghana, South Korea, Ghana, Spain, Jordon etc.  

In the past few years, important natural oils from a number of vegetation have been examined for their germ killing features – lemon grass oil for nail disease infection is one organic solution that reveals important assurance. Lemongrass oil is the oil created from the lemongrass position, Cymbopogon citrates, and the same position that is often used to offer a lemony flavor to many traditional Asian dishes. Today’s enhanced methods provided by AOS Products in India for getting the best resultant over essential oils like lemongrass that completed it popular as a top essential element in many different items that are most usable in your daily life cycle.

Lemongrass Essential Oils India
Lemongrass Essential Oils India

Multiple Uses of Lemongrass Oils:

The main healing material in oil of lemongrass is central, and manufacturers of organic anti fungal include control for nail disease infection in their important oil combinations. Central is also the element that gives the material to its lemony Essential Oils fragrance in India. Like other fragrant, natural herbs such as, Menthol Crystal IP/BP/USP, oregano, thyme Oils, eucalyptus and lemongrass looking as an organic ability to battle off creatures that cause attacks and illnesses – the natural knowledge of essential oils on conventional healers is now a day verified by AOS Products Research and study Team in India. One of the more uses of Lemongrass oils are that anti-bacterial, germ store preventing, killing and anti-fungal qualities that make lemongrass oil for nail disease infection etc.

Lemongrass Essential oil should not be used as epidermis that focused on such types of Essential Oils because it causes an epidermis response in some most important individual’s response. Organic Essential product lemongrass oil prevent disease in Nail, infection should be prevented. All produces Essential Oils by AOS Products is often combined with other significant natural essential oils such as Dementholized Mint Oils, cedarwood, Menthol Crystal, Basil oil and tea Tree shrub oil. Such combinations provide some control for nail disease infection treatment without the risk of resulting in a epidermis response. Even so, it’s best to apply arrangements for nail disease, infection only to the nail and avoid epidermis contact, because nail arrangements generally contain higher based of anti-fungal mechanism than epidermis preparations. Other most planning for containing essential oil like lemongrass are exclusively mutual and promoted for preventing fungus attacks related to the bad epidermis.


  1. good article on your lemongrass, i am also using for nail inspection

  2. thanks for all the information, may be useful for others. Do not forget to keep the spirit. obat pereda nyeri persendian

    1. Thanks @Genies how are you? thanks for commenting us, we AOS Products always try to better qualities of Indian Essential Oils in India. If you want to bulk essential oil buyer at very best rate than please visit us.


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